«BSB Partners»Адвокатське об'єднання

“Перемогти сильного супротивника потрібно тричі – у дебюті, мітельшпілі й ендшпілі“ - доктор юридичних наук, чемпіон світу з шахів
Олександр Альохін

Dear friends!

Alexander Alekhine, the doctor of law and the fourth world chess champion, asserted:
«You need to beat a strong opponent three times – in the debut, chess mid-game and in the endgame»

This credo is appropriate to lawsuits, if basic principles of the lawyer activity are kept to such as:

  • independence from an outside interference;
  • legality;
  • the priority of the client’s interests;
  • confidentiality;
  • competency, perseverance, conscientiousness;
  • honesty towards the clients;

Partners of the law firm «BSB-partners» strictly follow these principles. It has repeatedly been a precondition for our clients’ success in the most difficult cases. An advocate must not give the clients any assurances of the result in disputes, but he should vouch for own responsibility and his competency. In addition, an old English proverb says:

«It’s better to go into a bad matter with a good lawyer, than in a good matter with a bad lawyer»

I believe in the legal system of the government of Ukraine and in the fact that by choosing our firm you will gain a reliable defender, a partner and a trusted adviser.

Yours faithfully,

The managing partner of the law firm «BSB-partners»

Valerii Buniak