«BSB Partners»Адвокатське об'єднання

“Перемогти сильного супротивника потрібно тричі – у дебюті, мітельшпілі й ендшпілі“ - доктор юридичних наук, чемпіон світу з шахів
Олександр Альохін

About us

The law firm «BSB-partners» was created on the basis of a unique experience of our client’s protection in criminal cases and professional support of commercial activity in 2013.

A cofounder and the managing partner of the law firm «BSB-partners» Valerii Buniak successfully joins an experience of the advocacy in difficult cases with scientific research in the field of law. Also, he participates in the laws drafting.

The small companies as well as the owners of large businesses rely on the law firm «BSB-partners» in their protection. At various times our client were senior state officials politicians, state institutions, leaders of trade unions, foreign investors etc.

Besides court support in general and arbitration courts, the economic courts, the administrative courts, the advocates of the law firm «BSB-partners» successfully represent the interests of their clients in the investigative agencies, supervisory authorities of public procurement. Also, we support our clients in the tax and antitrust disputes, etc.

In the process of a protection, advocates the law firm «BSB-partners» file complaints with the Supreme
Court of Ukraine and High Specialized Court of Ukraine for Civil and Criminal cases, the European Court of Human Rights. This was repeatedly and quite successfully. Moreover, we achieved the change in the practice of national courts.

Accordingly, advocates of the law firm «BSB-partners» created the effective team of lawyers. We have successful experience in the protection of our clients in almost all branches of the law.